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Electric hollowed-out Acrylic fragrance lamp Aroma burner
  • Electric hollowed-out Acrylic fragrance lamp Aroma burner
  • Electric hollowed-out Acrylic fragrance lamp Aroma burner
  • Electric hollowed-out Acrylic fragrance lamp Aroma burner

Electric hollowed-out Acrylic fragrance lamp Aroma burner

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Electric hollowed-out Acrylic fragrance lamp Aroma burner





Product Number: FL20140421005B

Register Date: 2014.04.21

Item Code: 65179-1-618

Plug Type: Electricity

Material: Acrylic

Type: Aroma Burner

Size: 130*340MM

Voltage Rating: 220V  

Switch: Touch sensor

Usage: indoor aroma and decorative role 







Fragrance&Refreshes your home

Not only will a fragrance lamp infuse the air you breathe with the blissful scent of your choice, it will also purify your surroundings and banish unwanted odours.

Independent laboratory tests report that the A&B Fragrance lamp is proven to clean the air of up to 99% of Bacteria,Dust mites and odour particles.

Whether you want to eradicate unwanted cooking smells from the kitchen, create a sensuous and relaxing, ambience in the bedroom or refresh your sitting room, the fragrance lamp does the job perfectly. Say goodbye to unwel-come pet- and cigarette odours and embrace the home you’ve always wanted to live in.


Benefits of the fragrance lamps

Air borne bacteria and odors floating in the air are destroyed by the fragrance lamps. This is the major benefit that one gets from the fragrance lamps. Besides this a host of other benefits like increasing oxygen levels, dispersing perfume or fragrance in the air, providing aromatherapy benefits and acting as insect repellents can be gained. The aroma lamps score over candles and incense sticks because of their efficiency and safety features.

A fragrant room exudes calmness and purity relieving one of the stresses that he might have gone through the day. With the introduction of fragrance lamps this quest has been fulfilled. Fragrance lamps are becoming an essential part of the interior designing of homes simply for the reason that they provided an aesthetic and purified appeal to the home and they score better when compared to other methods of fragrance generation.


Essential Function

1, Aroma spirit-soothing, relaxed and happy, promote appetite, stimulate the human immune potential.
2, Aromatherapy can purify the air, improve air quality, mold pollution of human living space.
3, Aromatherapy can promote metabolism, reduce fatigue, help maintain airway skills.
4, Aromatherapy can create a romantic atmosphere, romantic aphrodisiac to promote lust.
5, fragrance can be adjusted physiological function, beauty beauty, relieve stress, promote the spirit of strong, improve work efficiency.


Aromatherapy Benefits

1, Aromatherapy can improve the environmental sanitation, and eliminate odors, decomposition of secondhand smoke and clean the air.
2, Aromatherapy can enhance immunity, prevent disease and to reduce high blood pressure.
3, Aromatherapy can enhance physical strength and vital capacity, promote metabolism.
4, Aromatherapy can improve respiratory allergies, asthma and other illnesses.
5, Aromatherapy can be rid of mosquitoes, eliminate mite anti-bacterial.
6, Aromatherapy can balance the hormones, activation of cells and prevent aging.
7, Aromatherapy can revive and refresh, enhance memory.
8, fragrance can calm irritability, relieve stress, insomnia, headache, a pleasant mood.

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