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high-capacity good color food waste disposer
  • high-capacity good color food waste disposer

high-capacity good color food waste disposer

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Description The kitchen food waste disposer
mode: FDS-55

Register Date: 2013.09.03
motor: Dc motor
HZ: 50/60Hz
HP: 1/2Hp
Input power: 380W
Voltage: 220V
Rotating speed: 3000rpm
Capacity :1200ml
Work ability: 15-20kg/hour
Blade direction: single-track
Blade material: Special stainless steel
Grinding ability: ≤1.5mm
Noise standard: 20-30db
Protection :The overcurrent/overload protection
Sound insulation standard
Air switch: optional
Dishwasher connection: Can be connected
packing: cartons
weight : 5.5kg
Normal life :10years
Service guarantee: Whole life
certificate: ISO9001/QC080000/CE/CQ
Type of Company: manufacturer
Annual production: 100000 units
1. Food waste is ground into particles and flushed away in seconds
2. Clean, hygienic, convenient and simple to use
3.Easy method to manage food waste in the home, saving your time and helping to mininise trips to the outside dustbin
4.Permanent in-house solution that is compact and sits under the sink without taking up valuable torage
5.Easy to install into new or existing kitchens and can be fitted to most sinks
6.Helps to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill sites
• Dc permanent magnet-type professional on motor/Dc permanent magnet motor
• Normal life can reach to 10 years and free maintenance whole life.
• Continuous feed
• Overload protection/Overload shut-off
• Quick Lock mounting assembly for faster, easier installation
Four Technology advantages
1.The unique specifically dedicated motor,durable
2.Specially designed stainless steel grinding components,worry-free for life
3.All stainless steel interface technology ,scientific and stability
4.Unique wireless and air switch,more convenient

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